Friday, September 7, 2012

Summer Project: Chair Affair

Wow, it has been a long time again since I've blogged.  I often consider blogging, but really just need to confidently go at it.  This summer has been a summer of change.  Graduating college, getting married and moving halfway across country to Texas.  I guess I do have a lot to share here, but we'll start with the little things.  I've had a lot of time since we moved to Texas to do some fun projects.  I also did some when I was home before the wedding.  We'll  start there.

My mom is famous for finding GREAT furniture in the trash, left outside people's houses.  She has a heart for saving them.  She also is very gifted at stripping/painting/rebuilding them to make them beautiful.  Probably 95 percent of the furniture in our house is from trash finds.  I have always wanted to have the same DIY fixing-up skills passed down to me.  Those skills are still being worked on. 

When I came home from college, my mom found these really gross '70's looking chairs in the trash.  If I had driven by them, I wouldn't have been inspired like she was.  But I'm thankful she was because she gave them to me to do what I wanted.  This was my first "big" project like this so I was very excited!  These are what the chairs looked like before:
I guess they aren't terrible.  Just not my favorite...  Anyways, I have wanted to have a blue and yellow kitchen for a while.  So I decided to make these chairs blue and yellow.  My mom and I went to Joann Fabrics.  We looked at some different materials to cover that terrible yellow cover.  I came up with blue and white polka-dots.  I like fun and bright. I set to work right away covering the chairs, simply using a nail gun.

Since I was going with a blue and yellow theme I decided to paint the chairs yellow.  We started with spray paint because of all the twists and turns on the chair.  However, that was a disaster. I used a white base and then went on to the yellow.  It took about 4 cans of yellow paint to even start covering the chairs...

 So, we decided to buy some yellow paint and by hand add the rest of the coats.  I really think it took about 7 coats.  My problem with DIY projects is that I expect everything to take no time at all and turn out perfect.  I have had to work hard at patience and being thankful for the time it takes when things turn out nice.  (My mom is good about that, so hopefully those genes will show up sometime too.)  After the effort I was excited about the turn out... here are my new kitchen colors chairs!  Too bad I have a burnt orange wall in my new apartment.  (figures)

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  1. Sandy, these chairs look awesome!!! I love the yellow that you used for the chairs :)