Friday, March 30, 2012

Faith Like a Child

I have begun transitioning into my new home here in Panama.  Now it is spring break!! I have been waiting for this since Christmas break! Really looking forward to some time off - at the beach/on an adventure!  I will be updating this blog about my week once it happens!

Today, though, rather than share new stories about Panama my heart was touched by the responses my students gave on their Bible tests.  There was a journal question that asked the students to write why being in God's family is so special to you. Now there are some students that probably do not fully understand what salvation is.  There are also others who have not made the choice to become a child of God yet.  And others wrote the 'sunday school answer' just to get a good grade.  All this being said, every single one made my heart smile because of the innocence and sweetness of these children.  The childlike faith shone through.  Here are some of the responses - I hope they encourage you too.

~ "Because I can be in a place where everything is good, and I can be with the best person ever... Jesus."
~ "Because I am going to heaven and be with Jesus and God."
~ "God made us.  We love God and God loves us and he sent His only son named Jesus."
~ "Because He is the Savior, and no body else is the Savior - He is the King."
~ "Being God's child is a big thing because it means that you don't have to go to hell."
~ "He is the last sacrifice so I put Him in my heart to obey Him.  So now and always I'm God's child.  And all of us are if we accept Him as our God."
~ "Because He created me."
~ "Because we can live eternal life and He is powerful."
~ "I think that it is really nice to be God's family because He promises that He protects you from evil and sin."
~ "Cause I can always be with Him"
~ "Because Jesus saved the whole world."
~ "Because being with God is so cool.  It is anything you could ever imagine, and so that I can tell other people about God so they can go to heaven."
~ "Because He is the miraculous God and He is holy - hasn't ever sinned ever.  I feel safe with God from the devil."
~ "Because God is very special."
~ "Because He died on the cross for our sins."
~ "Because it's to be with God.  God is the best reason you can imagine.  To be in God's family is to be God's child.

*Grammar and spelling edited ;-)

What a blessing to read these at the end of a long week!!

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