Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Becomming a Blogger?

Well... It has been a while since my last blog post.  I often think of blogging and how I wish I did it more.  However, I feel like all I do these days is go to class, have soccer practice and do homework.  I have a close friend who has a blog that she uses regularly and I have hopes to one day be like her =)  So here I go with today's post:

These are the things I am into or wish I had time to be into these days...

The picture of the wedding magizine is because I am currently planning a wedding with my best friend!!  It is an interesting process for sure!  He and I are both learning more about one another through it, and learning how to best cater to one another's interests before our own.  I am excited to get some of the 'big' things figured out in the next couple of weeks (official date, ceremony spot and reception spot).  I am enjoying spending time with my fiance talking about some details and things, and looking through wedding magazines on my own - waiting for some little personal inspirations to pop up.

The picture of the paper and pen are because I am now into the crammed college life of homework.  In the picture is a cover letter I just wrote.  I feel as though all my new classes this semester keep reminding me that I am about to go out into the real world... ready or not.  I'm excited about the idea of this being my last semester of classes and having student teaching to look forward to in the spring.  The placement of my student teaching is unknown yet and that is a big prayer request in my life for now.  However, I also suddenly feel like I'm supposed to grow up.  It's a crazy thought that I will be looking for 'real' jobs in the spring! 

The photo in the photo =)  is of my soccer team here at Baptist Bible College from my freshman year. It is the photo that was taken right after we won the Christian D2 Nationals in Florida.  This is my senior season of soccer and I really would love to have a successful season.  I am feeling weird about it being my last season of soccer after having played it for 16 years.  It has been a big part of my life, growth, friendships and memories.  I am going to miss it, and I do not want to take this season for granted.

During soccer season we have to get up at 6:15 to run every morning that we don't have a game.  (That is for sure one thing I will NOT miss about playing soccer).  I have had to stay inside and use cardio machines for those runs recently because of back injuries... During this time I decided to start bringing a book along with me.  I have enjoyed reading books like 'For Women Only', 'Set-Apart Femininity' and just am beginning to read 'Lies Women Believe - and the Truth that sets them Free'  It adds a little something to the indoor running, aside from just staring at the white brick walls.  I am hoping to use the time in the mornings to start memorizing scripture verses as well.

And the last thing that I am into - or wish I had time to be into right now is crafts.  I recently was shown the site 'stumbleupon' by one of my best friends.  It can be quite a time waster, but it's kinda fun.  One of my interests on there is crafts and I get so excited when I find sites that teach me how to do things like make your own earrings, or decorations for weddings or new DIY clothes.  There are so many things I have saved in my favorites that I want to make.  The first thing on the list is making a tee shirt headband out of that green tee shirt.  Hopfully this weekend I'll find some time to release a little school-stress and do some fun little crafty thing...