Monday, June 27, 2011

"Did You Hear That?"

I wanted to write down the story of Gavin and I getting engaged this weekend!  So here it is:

I was flying home from Chicago Saturday night.  I had spent a week in Indiana with my best friend and her family.  My flight was originally supposed to land at 11, but it was delayed an hour, so the new time to arrive was closer to 12.  The past few weeks I had been reading into things Gavin said, trying to figure out if he was going to surprise me in the near future, but not being able to figure him out.  So when I landed at 11:45 I texted him letting him know that I had arrived in Boston safely and was gonna go try to find my parents.  He texted me back asking if I was in the baggage claim getting my bag, which I thought was kinda a weird question and thought maybe he was there waiting for me.  Well, he wasn't and I immediately thought 'That was dumb, he's been working all day and I really need to stop reading into things so much.'
So I met up with my parents there and got into the car to drive home.  It was midnight at this point and I was just answering questions about my week and rambling about who knows what.  We were driving through Lexington getting closer to home when all of a sudden my mom pulled the car over on the side of the road and said "I think something just happened to the car!"  And my dad said, "Did you hear that!?"  I'm in the back seat thinking "This is ridiculous I didn't hear a thing and why is the car breaking down right now!?"  Then I look out the window and see a man with an umbrella walking towards the car.  I panicked a bit and said quickly, "Mom!  There's a man walking toward us!"  Thinking, 'This is it... we are about to be killed on the side of the road.'
Well, there was a quick transition of emotions then when I realized it was Gavin walking toward the car.  My parents told me I smiled and looked at them saying, "You have got to be kidding me."  But I honestly don't remember.  It's all kind of a blur.  haha
Well I opened the door and Gav asked me if I wanted to take a walk.  I said yes and my parents left and went home.  I had (and still have) no idea where we were, I wasn't really paying attention on the way home.  So we were walking along and I didn't know where we were going.  I was really just trying to figure out what to think at that point.  He pointed out a spot that was lit up a ways in front of us.  We got to it and there were rose petals all over, a vase of roses, pictures and beautiful frames and candles by a bench.  (He had wanted to put the candles out on the path, but it was raining a bit so he put towels and a blanket to sit on on the wet bench and the candles were under the bench.  It was really pretty still.) 
We sat down and he read me a beautiful letter he had written telling me the 10 reasons he wanted me to be his wife.  At the end he said, "Now I have a question to ask you."  He looked at me and asked..... "Will you hold the umbrella?"  =)
I laughed and then he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him.  I said, "yes." 

So... that is all my side of the story.
To add some to his side:  When he was setting up the bench area and waiting for me to get there, a police man came by.  He stopped and shined his huge spot light on poor Gav and just kind of stared at him.  Gavin started waving and said he was setting up for a proposal.  The cop stared at him a little more and said, "Like a marriage proposal."  Gavin thought, what other kind of proposal would I be doing, and answered yes.  The police man was still staring at him, so Gavin got nervous and started rambling about me living in Lexington and my mom having a cousin on the police force.  So the cop left.  Then came back about five minutes before I got there.  He told Gavin the name of my mom's cousin that he had apparently found out about while he was gone and then asked Gavin some questions about his car. 
Haha, so that is the story =)  It is all feeling still quite surreal, and we are smiling lots!!