Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My First Photo Shoot!

 I had never had a photo shoot done before until about a month ago.  Gavin's sister needed to get some portrait photos for her class so she asked if she could use us as her 'models'.  She suggested that he and I get some nice photos done then too.  I didn't do any kind of special photos for my senior pictures, I just went to school, stood in front of the backdrop and said, 'cheese'.  How exciting.   However, my lack of exciting senior pictures made this moment in my life very exciting.  We went to the Comm and Allison did her magic.  We only spent about half an hour doing it, but it was so fun!  We did our best to make sure the picture shoot didn't look like engagement pictures.  But, whatever the vibe... I love the pictures.  Allison did a great job with taking them and editing them.  I am looking forward to whenever it may be to have another photo shoot with someone.