Thursday, September 29, 2011

The love of God

I was challenged by a woman who came to our dorm Tuesday night and led our devotions.  She was talking about finding Jesus as our best friend.  The thing that I loved the most about her challenge was reminding us that we can think of Jesus as walking right beside us.  She talked about how sometimes when she's driving or doing something by herself and she sees something funny, she'll say, 'That's funny that you put that in my path.'  She always keeps Jesus in her communication because He really is her best friend and she wants to spend time with Him throughout the day, not just during a set aside time for devotions.
I want to claim Jesus as my best friend every day of my life.  I want to think of Him as walking by my side every moment, so I can tell Him about the funny things, or look to Him during the frightening moments.
I also have been learning about the loving-kindness of God, constantly.  The ammount of truths I'm learning about His loving-kindness is so cool to me because it was something I prayed for, asking God to teach me more about.
This is a great quote from the book "Lies Women Believe" that I hope will encourage anyone who reads this.  "Put together all the tenderest love you know of, the deepest you have ever felt, and the strongest that has ever been poured out upon you, and heap upon it all the love of all the loving human hearts in the world, and then multiply it by infinity and you will begin, perhaps to have some faint glimpse of what the love of God is."
May you find God's love in your life today.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Race for the Cure (race race for the cure)

Well!  I have already been up and ran a race today!  Today I ran the race for the cure in Scranton, PA.  I have never ran a race before and did not really know what to expect.  This is one of the only Saturdays this fall that a soccer game isn't scheduled so I decided it might be nice to do.  When I had to get up at 6:30 I thought twice about it.  A bunch of girls in my dorm and my fiance all ran it though which was really nice! 

I ended up REALLY enjoying it!  Gavin and I ran it together and kept up a pretty good pace.  There was a sort of adrenaline going for most of it because it was my first race and the whole idea of it was really neat.  I thought of how many people cancer touches when we were running because there were so many people there and this is just one race of so so many all across America!  It was really neat to be a part of it, and support the people in my life who have had or have cancer. 

The race wasn't that bad.  I really hate running and as I've said before, it's one of my least favorite parts about playinig soccer.  This morning was really neat for me though because the run I was going on had a purpose which made it so much more enjoyable and it went by really quickly.  Gavin and I got a time of 27.45 which isn't amazing but our goal was just to beat 30 together. 

I hope sometime I can run in another race like this.  I now understand why people like running these races so much.  One of my favorite and most random parts of it was before the race, there were all these free things being given away and little activity things.  There was one station that had a huge painting of pink, red, white and blue ribbons.  People could just go up and paint on it.  It was really cool that they just let anyone come up and add to it.  I painted a blue ribbon because the lady in charge asked me to since it touches men too.  Then everyone who painted signed their name on the back.  It would be neat to see the finished painting sometime. 

Anyways... for everyone that I've told how much I hate running... I still basically do, but being a part of the race for the cure today was really neat and I had a blast doing it! =)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Craft Corner

Today is SUCH a rainy, cold day.  It is a perfect day for a nap, so inbetween classes I am planning on taking a quick one. It's funny how much time I spend planning when I can take a nap.  The minute I wake up in the morning for our team runs I start thinking, 'Ok, when is the soonest I'll be able to go back to sleep today.
Anyways, I wanted to post about my newest craft creation.  I made a tee shirt headband!  Finally!  It had been on my list of things I really wanted to do for  awhile and I carved out some time on Saturday to do it.  I LOVE making crafts.  Someday I want to have a craft corner in my house with lots of things to just pick up and create.  I have a whole list of things that I want to make this year including other tee shirt creations, a decorative dry-erase board, and a tee shirt blanket.  (I seem to be into re-purposing alot of tee shirts these days).  Alot of these ideas I have found online from stumbleupon and pinterest. 

Here is the headband I just made:
It only took me about 45 minutes and that was while trying to figure out how to make it and get the hot glue gun going.  Next time I make one should take even less time.  I'm very excited about it, and am planning on making some more for some of my friends now!

for anyone who may be interested in trying to make one here are the tee shirt headband steps:


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Becomming a Blogger?

Well... It has been a while since my last blog post.  I often think of blogging and how I wish I did it more.  However, I feel like all I do these days is go to class, have soccer practice and do homework.  I have a close friend who has a blog that she uses regularly and I have hopes to one day be like her =)  So here I go with today's post:

These are the things I am into or wish I had time to be into these days...

The picture of the wedding magizine is because I am currently planning a wedding with my best friend!!  It is an interesting process for sure!  He and I are both learning more about one another through it, and learning how to best cater to one another's interests before our own.  I am excited to get some of the 'big' things figured out in the next couple of weeks (official date, ceremony spot and reception spot).  I am enjoying spending time with my fiance talking about some details and things, and looking through wedding magazines on my own - waiting for some little personal inspirations to pop up.

The picture of the paper and pen are because I am now into the crammed college life of homework.  In the picture is a cover letter I just wrote.  I feel as though all my new classes this semester keep reminding me that I am about to go out into the real world... ready or not.  I'm excited about the idea of this being my last semester of classes and having student teaching to look forward to in the spring.  The placement of my student teaching is unknown yet and that is a big prayer request in my life for now.  However, I also suddenly feel like I'm supposed to grow up.  It's a crazy thought that I will be looking for 'real' jobs in the spring! 

The photo in the photo =)  is of my soccer team here at Baptist Bible College from my freshman year. It is the photo that was taken right after we won the Christian D2 Nationals in Florida.  This is my senior season of soccer and I really would love to have a successful season.  I am feeling weird about it being my last season of soccer after having played it for 16 years.  It has been a big part of my life, growth, friendships and memories.  I am going to miss it, and I do not want to take this season for granted.

During soccer season we have to get up at 6:15 to run every morning that we don't have a game.  (That is for sure one thing I will NOT miss about playing soccer).  I have had to stay inside and use cardio machines for those runs recently because of back injuries... During this time I decided to start bringing a book along with me.  I have enjoyed reading books like 'For Women Only', 'Set-Apart Femininity' and just am beginning to read 'Lies Women Believe - and the Truth that sets them Free'  It adds a little something to the indoor running, aside from just staring at the white brick walls.  I am hoping to use the time in the mornings to start memorizing scripture verses as well.

And the last thing that I am into - or wish I had time to be into right now is crafts.  I recently was shown the site 'stumbleupon' by one of my best friends.  It can be quite a time waster, but it's kinda fun.  One of my interests on there is crafts and I get so excited when I find sites that teach me how to do things like make your own earrings, or decorations for weddings or new DIY clothes.  There are so many things I have saved in my favorites that I want to make.  The first thing on the list is making a tee shirt headband out of that green tee shirt.  Hopfully this weekend I'll find some time to release a little school-stress and do some fun little crafty thing...

Monday, June 27, 2011

"Did You Hear That?"

I wanted to write down the story of Gavin and I getting engaged this weekend!  So here it is:

I was flying home from Chicago Saturday night.  I had spent a week in Indiana with my best friend and her family.  My flight was originally supposed to land at 11, but it was delayed an hour, so the new time to arrive was closer to 12.  The past few weeks I had been reading into things Gavin said, trying to figure out if he was going to surprise me in the near future, but not being able to figure him out.  So when I landed at 11:45 I texted him letting him know that I had arrived in Boston safely and was gonna go try to find my parents.  He texted me back asking if I was in the baggage claim getting my bag, which I thought was kinda a weird question and thought maybe he was there waiting for me.  Well, he wasn't and I immediately thought 'That was dumb, he's been working all day and I really need to stop reading into things so much.'
So I met up with my parents there and got into the car to drive home.  It was midnight at this point and I was just answering questions about my week and rambling about who knows what.  We were driving through Lexington getting closer to home when all of a sudden my mom pulled the car over on the side of the road and said "I think something just happened to the car!"  And my dad said, "Did you hear that!?"  I'm in the back seat thinking "This is ridiculous I didn't hear a thing and why is the car breaking down right now!?"  Then I look out the window and see a man with an umbrella walking towards the car.  I panicked a bit and said quickly, "Mom!  There's a man walking toward us!"  Thinking, 'This is it... we are about to be killed on the side of the road.'
Well, there was a quick transition of emotions then when I realized it was Gavin walking toward the car.  My parents told me I smiled and looked at them saying, "You have got to be kidding me."  But I honestly don't remember.  It's all kind of a blur.  haha
Well I opened the door and Gav asked me if I wanted to take a walk.  I said yes and my parents left and went home.  I had (and still have) no idea where we were, I wasn't really paying attention on the way home.  So we were walking along and I didn't know where we were going.  I was really just trying to figure out what to think at that point.  He pointed out a spot that was lit up a ways in front of us.  We got to it and there were rose petals all over, a vase of roses, pictures and beautiful frames and candles by a bench.  (He had wanted to put the candles out on the path, but it was raining a bit so he put towels and a blanket to sit on on the wet bench and the candles were under the bench.  It was really pretty still.) 
We sat down and he read me a beautiful letter he had written telling me the 10 reasons he wanted me to be his wife.  At the end he said, "Now I have a question to ask you."  He looked at me and asked..... "Will you hold the umbrella?"  =)
I laughed and then he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him.  I said, "yes." 

So... that is all my side of the story.
To add some to his side:  When he was setting up the bench area and waiting for me to get there, a police man came by.  He stopped and shined his huge spot light on poor Gav and just kind of stared at him.  Gavin started waving and said he was setting up for a proposal.  The cop stared at him a little more and said, "Like a marriage proposal."  Gavin thought, what other kind of proposal would I be doing, and answered yes.  The police man was still staring at him, so Gavin got nervous and started rambling about me living in Lexington and my mom having a cousin on the police force.  So the cop left.  Then came back about five minutes before I got there.  He told Gavin the name of my mom's cousin that he had apparently found out about while he was gone and then asked Gavin some questions about his car. 
Haha, so that is the story =)  It is all feeling still quite surreal, and we are smiling lots!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Worst Soccer Tournament Ever

This past weekend was a whirlwind.  The middle school youth group had their anual retreat over-nighter at the church.  I was able to go until about 1 in the morning but had to leave after that because on Saturday the women's BBC soccer team (well the half that doesn't play softball) was to have our spring tournament.  That left me going on about 5 hours of sleep that night.  And everyone that knows me well knows that I need a good solid 8 hours of sleep at night to be fully functioning the next day.  At least I was able to provide some entertainment for people Saturday morning....
*I would like to add a disclaimer here in hopes that you will laugh along with this story.  Because though it may have been the worst soccer tournament ever, it is also humerous in its turn out and funny to look back on now.*
Well at 6:45 Saturday we were off.  There was a total of 9 of us on our way to 'who-knows-where' NY.  The tournament to be played in was a 7v7 tourney.  When we got their we had our first game (each game was 30 minutes with a 30 minute break).  The temperature of that game was about 40 degrees, plus the wind was going like crazy so that knocked the temperature down a bit as well.  The referees throughout the tournament were all volunteers.  The ref we had for this game laughably did not know the difference between a corner-kick, goal kick or free kick.  This first game ended with a 0-0 tie.  After the game we wrapped ourselves in our team blankets and trudged into the gym. 
Once we were in the warm gym the lady who had organized the tournament came in and said, "Ladies the tennis teams are moving in here to have their games today because it is too cold for them to play outside.  There is not enough room for you all to wait in here between games while the tennis matches are going on, so I'm going to have to ask you to bundle up and wait outside between games."  Now, at this moment I think, 'If it's too cold for tennis to play outside, it must be too cold for us to sit outside for 5 hours.'  Thankfully we had our team van to sit in between the games. (even if the change from the extreme heat of the van to the extreme freeze of the games messed with our heads a bit).
Well, we shivered and grumbled our way through the next three games.  We always ended up being on the same team as our opponents in that none of us wanted to be playing soccer at that moment.  The second game we lost 2-1.  The third game we lost 4-1 and the fourth game we lost 4-2.  It was just one of those days.  During the fourth game it started percipitating, and the percipitation was not rain, but sleet.  After that game we ambled back to our game to wait for the fifth and final game.  We were all defrosting and half of us were asleep, when all of a sudden excitement arose from our team.
You see, while we were in the van waiting for that last game it started pouring rain and sleet and none of us wanted to go back outside.  At that moment the coach from the other team got out of his van and started walking over to us.  We all sat there wishing and hoping that his team wanted to forfeit and go home.  Our coach got out of the van and walked over to talk with him, and we all grew worried that he would somehow talk the other coach into sticking it out for the final game.  So we cracked the door open and bit and cheered and yelled 'No game!'  The other coach smiled, understanding that we, like his team just wanted to go home.  Coach walked back to the van and told us that the other team didn't want to play and just wanted to head out.  We all cheered, some of us close to tears of joy. 
As we drove out, we drove past that other team in their van. The girls looked at us and started blowing kisses at us, waving and cheering.  We cheered back, happy to end the day with that final victory.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Children of the World

Tonight I went to a "Children of the World" concert at BBC.  The beautiful children sang, smiled and danced, praising the Lord in light.  They were a reminder to me of what praising God with no reservations looks like.  How I wish that I would praise Him with my whole being like that.  These children have seen so much hurt and pain.  I sometimes wonder why I deal with tough things, but I have never faced hurt, death and loss like these young children have.
Tonight I caught myself wondering why these children would believe in Jesus Christ after seeing so many things children should not have to see.  Then I smiled thinking, 'following Christ isn't about making my life better.  It is about clinging to an Almighty God who sacrificed His son for me and who loves me and deserves all my honor and praise.
I was also struck by how much I take for granted.  They spoke of the lack of water of so many people all over the world.  The amount of water we use flushing a toilet one time is often more than the amount of water a family has for one day.  They told how having one water pump can change the lives of an entire community forever.  I have so much in excess here and I do not appreciate it enough.  God has blessed me with where I live, where I can go to school, the family I have, the safety I live with, the food I eat and the clothes I wear.  So much is taken for granted every day.  So I am thankful for the opportunity I had tonight to worship with these precious children as a reminder of how big my God is and how deserving of my thanks He is.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My First Photo Shoot!

 I had never had a photo shoot done before until about a month ago.  Gavin's sister needed to get some portrait photos for her class so she asked if she could use us as her 'models'.  She suggested that he and I get some nice photos done then too.  I didn't do any kind of special photos for my senior pictures, I just went to school, stood in front of the backdrop and said, 'cheese'.  How exciting.   However, my lack of exciting senior pictures made this moment in my life very exciting.  We went to the Comm and Allison did her magic.  We only spent about half an hour doing it, but it was so fun!  We did our best to make sure the picture shoot didn't look like engagement pictures.  But, whatever the vibe... I love the pictures.  Allison did a great job with taking them and editing them.  I am looking forward to whenever it may be to have another photo shoot with someone.